Shampoo is such a tough one because we all have such different hair with different needs.

However, one thing we all have in common is the need to choose safe hair care. I’ve heard time and time again that women made the switch and their hair quit falling out. That my friends is just one thing those toxic ingredients are doing.

🙆‍♀️I encourage you to turn your shampoo bottle around and take a look at the label and see if you see any of these.👇


A loophole companies can use to hide over 3,000 toxic chemicals in their product. 💁‍♀️My rule is the second I see that word on a label I know that product isn’t for me and I need to look at it no further.

‼️ SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

A harsh chemical known to damage hair and irritate skin.

‼️ Synthetic dyes

Most often made with coal tar and contaminated with heavy metals. Clog pores, lead to acne, linked to cancer.

‼️Cocamide MEA

An ethanolamine compound that can create nitrosamines linked to cancer

‼️PPG-9‼️PEG-45M‼️Polysorbate 20

Ethoxylated compounds that are at risk of being contaminated with known carcinogen 1,4 dioxane



A known allergen that can cause skin irritation and may also cause damage to the central nervous system with prolonged exposure.

‼️Tetrasodium EDTA

Can enhance the dermal penetration of other toxic ingredients in the product

Also keep your eye out for



And the ingredient the Tresemme lawsuit is about 🥁

‼️DMDM hydantoin

This ingredient is a formaldehyde-releasing antimicrobial preserving agent. Formaldehyde is a recognized human carcinogen.

Pair that with all those other toxic ingredients..oh my🤯🤢

That’s what we are rubbing in our scalps and washing down our bodies.

😤No thanks to that or any of those other awful ingredients. Don’t worry there are safe options…

Now it’s time for the Switch!!

Do remember there is an adjustment  period so don’t give up right away.


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What shampoos have you tried and loved?


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