☀️Fun in the sun!!

There are so many sunscreens out there to choose from and so many of them make claims to be safe options for us and our little people. 

🤢Don’t be fooled by a pretty label my friends!

Turn the bottle around and read those ingredients even if the front says..

  • Natural
  • Paraben free
  • Baby safe
  • Dermatologist recommended 

…I could keep going 

The point is the ingredient label is where it’s at!!

🔍Look out for ingredients like…

‼️Phenoxyethanol (you will find this in lots of labels that claim to be clean)

The next 4 are in lots of sunscreens





And then double check Becoming Mom’s List of Ingredients to Avoid. 

You are likely to find….




And maybe more 

Also be aware that spray on SPF has risk or inhalation.

Short list but definitely look out for these brands ..

❌Banana Boat






❌Blue Lizard

It’s not just kids sunscreens to look out for the adult versions of those above plus others like

❌Alba Botanicals




And more. 

So what do you want in sunscreen?!

🔍Look for.. 

☀️Mineral sunscreen with active ingredients like Titanium dioxide and Non nano zinc 

🌊Reef safe 

Our family favorites are…

🌞Think Baby/Think Sport $10 off click here.

🌞You can find my favorite facial SPF here.

Not only is it broad spectrum SPF 30 it also has….

Top notch clean ingredients, an INVISIBLE finish, super lightweight, easy to apply and is perfect for daily use & layering under makeup!!!

Here are a couple of other great brands!

🌞Earth Mama Organics you can find here. Use coupon code: CleanerLiving15

🌞Butter Bean Organics can be found here. Use coupon code: BECOMINGMOM

🌞Badger Active here and here is Badger Baby.

P.S. Don’t rely on EWG and Think Dirty. They are great starting points but are very flawed. 


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