👕Has it ever crossed your mind to wash the machine that’s washing your clothes?

I have to say, it never crossed mine!

Then I learned that detergent residue was feeding germs like




🧫And that list goes on..

🤮Yuck!! Why hadn’t I thought of this before? It made perfect sense.

So when should you clean your washing machine?

🙈Now if you’ve never cleaned it before 

❌If you’ve ever used toxic detergents

🤭If your clothes are coming out smelly

I took a quick look at some laundry machine cleaners and found carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting ingredients. 

No thanks!

✅Have no fear I have a safe switch for you and believe me it works!!

I noticed a visibly cleaner washing machine and better smiling clothes after my first use.

It’s so easy you just drop the little bag in and run a hot water cycle and that’s it!

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