🥑We are an avocado loving family and usually eat at least one a day. Do you love avocados?

Here are 20 quick reasons why eating an avocado daily is a good idea and a few tips for keeping your avocados fresh. 👇 

🥑They are nutrient rich

🥑They are a great source of healthy fats

🥑Help to manage weight

🥑Prevent diabetes

🥑Fight inflammation

🥑Are great for your eyes

🥑Great for healthy skin and hair

🥑Lower cholesterol levels

🥑Improve Nutrient absorption

🥑May be beneficial in fighting cancer

🥑Strong Bones

🥑Pain Relief

🥑Improve Digestion

🥑Important for expecting Mothers

🥑Helps to control blood pressure

🥑An energy boost

🥑Can improve immunity 

🥑Can enhance your mood

🥑Brain food

🥑Delicious and can be eaten many ways!

And here’s a Kitchen Quick Tip for you to help keep your avocados from going bad before you have a chance to eat them👇

Put them in the fridge!

🥑As soon as I bring home avocados they go directly in our fridge drawer regardless how ripe or green that they are. As we eat the ripe ones I pull out one or two green ones and leave them on the counter until they ripen up.

🥑If you just don’t think you can eat them in time just cut it up in chunks and freeze it for a smoothie!

No waste, just delicious healthy avocados.

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