Label change alert…Keep reading!

πŸ’¨ If you are like me when you saw this label change you gasped for air.

🌳Attitude Living is in the process of changing their labels and I was so worried there was a reformulation but thankfully that was not the case. They still have the same great products and company.

EWG recently changed their regulations making it mandatory for them to align with USA labeling laws so they now have to indicate which ingredients are part of the fragrance. So it now says “fragrance/parfum” on some of their products.(Side note: do not solely rely on EWG; they are quite flawed but it is a great starting point.)

Back to my pointπŸ‘‡

Think of it like the label of a spice mix.

Example ” (*cumin, *paprika, *salt*chili powder and *oregano) *spice mix”

πŸ‘€So, you may see “*fragrance (parfum)” is added after a list of ingredients that comprise that β€œfragrance.”

Let me give you another example so that you can see what I mean.πŸ‘‡

gamma-decalactone*, ethyl hexanoate*, ethyl 2-methylbutyrate*, hexyl salicylate*, raspberry ketone*, triethyl citrate*, *fragrance(parfum).

πŸ‘€So you see it is showing you what ingredients are used to make up their naturally derived fragrance including those safe scent enhancers instead of vague works like vanilla absolute for instance.

So really they are more transparent than before which I can applaud.πŸ‘

I’m also in love with the fact that every product you purchase they plant a tree.🌳

So… long story short.

πŸ‘They still get a thumbs up from me! Their entire website is safe and they have lots of great options for home and personal care.

Check them out here to get $10 off your first purchase!


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