What do you call your period?

Maybe your monthly, your cycle or Aunt Flo? Regardless of what it’s called, those monthly cramps and discomfort aren’t fun for anyone.

❓What do you do to ease the discomfort?

Wine, chocolate, heating pad, or maybe you reach for Midol or Pamprin.

I know many years in the past I always did.

A quick look at Midol’s ingredient list and I found ingredients I will not allow in my personal care products, so I definitely don’t want them in products that I’m ingesting.

❌Polysorbate 80

❌Polyethylene glycol

I’ll pass on the PEG’s😑

Then there’s Acetaminophen which I recently shared a post on. Just wanted to share a reminder that while it can be taken safely (not in large doses and not long term) it is quite easy to overdose on and can be dangerous. 

As well as some other questionable ingredients I need to do more digging on.

🍃No worries there are much better alternatives!!

❣Also please note I have heard from woman after woman that by changing to less toxic pads/tampons/cups their discomfort has been significantly reduced.

Need help choosing safer alternatives? There’s a post for that and it’s coming soon!

So back to a safer alternative!

🍃Ease the Ache

Eases cramping and pain, Calms bloating

Smooths out mood swings, Relieves “that heavy feeling” Helps with postpartum after pains and cramps and Balances hormones

Now check out these ingredients👇

✅Organic Nettle Leaf ✅Organic Red Raspberry Leaf ✅Organic Cramp Bark ✅Organic Motherwort and in a base of Organic Cane Alcohol and Filtered Water

All that goodness can be found here. Use code newtoearthley for 10%off!


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