Have you seen the recent post going around about buying up old vintage dishes to give away with meals cooked inside?

While it is a very thoughtful idea I urge you to do quite the opposite and get those cute vintage dishes out of your home.

🙄Yep, I’m going to be the bearer of bad news here. Those cute little designs on the outside of your dishes can contain high amounts of lead and cadmium.

You may be thinking..

But why does it matter if it’s on the outside?🤔Well think about it.. a lot of these dishes get stacked within each other and you’re also touching them with your hands as you use them. They then get washed with your other dishes and eventually over time those designs can become scratched or chipped.

….All of these things can lead to lead exposure and that is a very scary thing.

It doesn’t take much to cause harm…especially to children.

If you’re like me..once you know you can’t unknow. I learned about lead in my kitchen a few years ago and went down the rabbit hole. I began to go through my dishes and did a lot of ditching. My husband came home and was like what the heck😆 and wasn’t exactly thrilled about me purchasing all the new dishes and a few other items as well. I have since learned so much but I am no expert by any means. Just a Mama on a mission doing what I can.

Here are a few affordable safe switch options but there are many more out there👇

Food storage option can be found here.

Glass baking dishes can be found here.

Stainless steel sheet pans can be found here.

Dinnerware can be found here.

I will bring you more options soon but until then be sure to check out Lead Safe Mama she


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