And when he said,

“I love you Mom” my eyes welled up with tears. 

We were sitting at the table and it was the end of lunch.

Lunch is always one of the hardest parts of my day because well…. twins.

When my oldest said those words it stopped me in my tracks.

Realization hit me and it hit me hard.

How many years had I waited to hear those words?

Many times I thought I would never hear them but I just kept pushing forward.

Through the pain, through the heartache and through the trials I persevered.

I lost hope but I always found it again because the greatest desire of my heart was to be a Mom.

After struggling with infertility I have a new perspective. I feel that I view the world differently and I feel that I love differently too. Yep, I said it. I think I love my children differently than I would have had I not overcome so much to get here.

 I would love them more than words can express no matter what of course but this is just a deeper different kind of love and an appreciation. Appreciation because none of it came easy.. It was a fight every step of the way. My body had to battle, my mind had to battle, my spirituality had to battle.  I am an Infertility Warrior and my struggle gave me my strength.

That struggle has brought me here.

Here to hear those sweet words from my sweet boy. 

Here to watch him and his brother and sister grow.

Here for the little and the big moments.

Here to hear the words, “I love you Mom!”