✅Safe Switch for your Dishwasher.🍽️

🍽️There are so many powders, tablets, pods and gels on the market. A quick look told me that most of them are full of toxic ingredients. That’s not good for us or the environment.

🤔It may be thought that this one doesn’t matter much because the soap washes off right? Wrong! Residual soap stays on those “clean” dishes especially if they are plastic. We then eat or drink using them and are directly exposing ourselves to harmful toxins. (Side note: Ditch the plastic and if you can’t, do not put it through the dishwasher. When plastic is heated it leaks even more toxins)

Let’s take a quick look at some yucky ingredients you’re sure to find.👇


❌Coal Tar Dye









…..and the list goes on

These awful ingredients can lead to a host of issues for our endocrine and reproductive systems; they are also carcinogenic.

Let’s not add to our toxic body burden.

Turn your bottle or package around. Do you see any of the above ingredients? If so, it’s time to Ditch! Why eat toxins when there are better options?

Some safe options👇


🌿Earthley you can find it here and be sure to use code newtoearthley for 10% off!

🌿Truly Free Home formerly known as My Greenfills (BOGO or Buy 2 get 3 FREE following this  + FREE Rinse Aid) discount can be found here.

Mama’s Suds can be found here.


Attitude can be found here and that includes $10 off!

🌿Puracy can be found here.

Ecover can be found here.


(These dont have the greatest reviews but wanted to bring you some save options in the gel department.

🌿Eco’s can be found here.

🌿Better Life can be found here.


Journey on,