There’s just not enough of me.

I hope he understands.

My husband used to get all of me but now there’s not even enough of me for me.

I hope he understands.

Stay-at-home mom life is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. It is everything I want and dreamed of and I wouldn’t change it for the world but does anyone really talk about how hard it is? Three little people are so demanding and I am deep in the throws of it right now.

The dishes are piled high and so is the laundry. It truly never ends. I remind myself to be thankful that we have clothes to wear and food to eat but the piles taunt me. They tell me I am not doing a good enough job. They tell me I can’t keep up. They tell me I am failing.

My husband tells me I’m doing what I can.

I’m so glad he understands.

My lack of self care is appalling. My hair is dirty and in knots. My clothes don’t match and sometimes my teeth only get brushed once a day.

I hope he understands.

I can hardly think straight, much less carry on a conversation. I do care about all he has to tell me but my mind is thinking of all that I have yet to do. 

I hope he understands.

Whatever the kids need, which is always something that’s what comes first in this season of life we are in. Not me and not him. It wont always be this way.

 I hope he understands.

Every meal is a struggle to think of much less to cook. That’s why we eat the same boring things week after week.

I hope he understands.

By the end of the day after breastfeeding two babies I’m touched out. I don’t want to be held much less touched.

I hope he understands.

I’m tired and cranky and I just want to gripe about it all the second he walks through the door.

 I hope he understands.

My job title reads MOM and I love what I do.

I’m so glad he understands.

Dear husband, 

At the end of the day when it’s still not just you and me…

I hope you understand.

It won’t always be like this you see.

One day we’ll look back and we will miss these tired days and nights.

We will miss this chaos.

We will miss being able to hold these little people in our arms.

 And maybe just maybe I’ll be more like me again.

Or the new version of me that these little people have created.

I hope you love her more.

I hope I love her more too.

Motherhood has shaped me and changed me.

Maybe I have lost myself a bit along the way.

Will I find her again? 

Will I ever be the same me as I used to be?

NO probably not, I have evolved into Mom. 

I love differently, I view the world differently and I’ll likely never be the same.

That carefree girl I used to be, I know you miss her because I do too

But this is the new version of me.

You know the Mom I am meant to be.

We created these beautiful people and our love has grown with each one.

You too have evolved with me so I know you understand.

I am mom and you are dad.

That is who we are now and I love that about us.

I think he understands.

Journey on,