We shouldn’t have to worry about our makeup containing cancer causing ingredients.

We shouldn’t have to worry about our makeup containing chemicals linked to infertility, organ system toxicity, hormone disruption, and neurotoxicity and more.

Sadly ..we do.

These things have no place in our beauty routine yet most brands online and on the shelves do.

How is this even allowed?

Now let’s compare
That first number below is the amount of harmful chemicals that the EU has banned from being used in cosmetics that are produced and sold in their country. The 11 number? That’s how many the U.S. has banned, according to the FDA.

Most people assume cosmetics and personal care products are tested for safety before being stocked on store shelves.

NOPE, sad truth is we cannot simply trust what we buy.

This my friends is why I am so passionate about Clean Beauty and why I joined up as a Clean Beauty Advocate and began my mission to share these truths.
If this piques your interest and you have questions about joining the Green Beauty Movement, I’d love to hear from you! You can email me here. candice@becomingmomjourney.com or check out an awesome little video here.
There is no reason to sacrifice your health for your beauty or your beauty for your health.
There are safe and high performing options out there!!!

A full face of makeup does not happen most days for this stay-at-home Mama but I’m so thankful to know that when I do my cosmetics are…
🌿 Made with organic ingredients
🌱 100% Non-GMO
🌿 Gluten Free 
🌱 Vegan 
🌿 Paraben free & phthalate free
🌱 Zero synthetic dyes
🌿 No synthetic fragrances
🌱 In eco-friendly packaging
🌿 Leaping bunny certified cruelty free
🌱 Made in the U.S.A 

That means when my sweet little people hug me and we touch face to face or if they give me a big wet kiss I’m not exposing them to any toxins. That piece of mind means the world to me.

 It would be my honor to help YOU select the perfect shades to detox your makeup bag!
You can reach me here.
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Your Clean Beauty Routine isn’t just about your makeup. Check out my post on SKINCARE here.

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