❤Since having children I am all about traditions….especially around the holidays.

I love the memories I have as a child and look forward to bringing that to my children around the holiday season. From setting up the tree to looking at lights and everything in between.

I also think it’s important to create some new traditions of our own.

⭐Last year we started a new and very special one and I look forward to continuing it year after year and bringing more fun memories to my family as my kids learn more about the REASON FOR THE SEASON.

⭐When I came across the Star from Afar I couldn’t have been more excited.

My son absolutely loved the fun we shared each day and so did I!

It is essentially an advent calendar, nativity set, hide and seek game and more all rolled into one and it helps celebrate the reason for the season. 

🗓You can play starting December 1st or start a few nights before Christmas!

Essentially… you follow the star!

Let me explain further.

📖You start off by reading the book and then set up your nativity set. My son loved having it in his room!

⭐Simply hide the Star every night or morning…don’t worry its no stress I forgot some days and probably will again! I personally just placed it in different places and did not necessarily hide it.

📃For more learning you can even add in scripture each time by writing the scripture on a piece of paper and hiding it with the star or purchasing the scripture cards to hide with the star.

⭐Once your kids find the Star they will move the 3 wise men because the three wise men are following it! 

Repeat until Christmas Eve and the night before Christmas, place your Star on the top of your nativity stable.

🥁On Christmas morning your Three Wise Men reach the nativity scene and find their king, baby Jesus!

That’s it.. just lots of learning and fun as we create memories for everyone!

 …And If you already do the elf on the shelf thing you can even incorporate that by having the elf help you hide it.

I hope this tradition brings as much joy to your family as it does mine.

Find yours here and start your new family tradition!

Hope you have a blessed holiday season!

Journey On,