I see this recommended time and time again and it makes my stomach turn.

We really need to spread the word on this one!!

I know as moms we all want what’s best for our kids and with Dreft’s clever marketing they lead you to believe that is the case. After all, it says #1 pediatrician recommended, hypoallergenic and trusted for 80 years. Sounds good right?

📢Wrong! This stuff should not be marketed towards babies! It isn’t even safe for adults.😡

🧐Let’s take a look.👇

❌It scores an F on the Environmental Working Group website.

❌It scores a 9 on the Think Dirty app.

(Please note these apps are an okay starting point but always read the label because they are not always accurate.)

Check out some heavy hitters it contains👇

❌Fragrance which is an umbrella term that can hide over 3,000 different undisclosed ingredients. It has been linked to endocrine disruption, skin irritation, asthma, cancer and the list goes on.

❌Borax which can cause respiratory and skin irritation and can even be damaging to fertility.

❌Ethoxylated ingredients. The process of making these ingredients can leave 1,4 Dioxane behind. 1,4 dioxane is a carcinogen linked to organ toxicity and is even suspected to cause birth defects. Get this – the most vulnerable population are pregnant women, infants, and children/teens.

🌿At some point I’m sure you’ve heard of a child with eczema and suggestions for parents to switch detergents. Well my friends, these toxic ingredients are known to cause skin irritation amongst other awful things. So yes, change detergents!!

On that note, there is no need to have a detergent specifically for babies; Instead, choose a detergent safe for the entire family!!

You can find what our family loves to use here as well as a big discount.

This is also a great option!

🌻As always I’m here to help.

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