When I first began my journey to cleaner living I was completely lost and had absolutely no idea how to read a label.

Every time I tried to pick a safe product I would get so stressed out… and honestly, it felt like I needed a degree to be able to understand the ingredients much less pronounce them!

I would be at the store for hours trying to pick safe products.

 Have you been there? Have you ever wished you had a quick reference guide when reading labels to help ease the overwhelm? 

If you have known me long you know I have learned so much since those days and I am very passionate about helping others along their journeys.

Becoming Mom’s List of Ingredients to Avoid will be so very helpful to you as you become an empowered label reader.


Please note there are more ingredients out there to watch out for, but this is a very comprehensive and strict list. It covers most yucky ingredients you are sure to find in personal care products and lots of household products as well.

Rest assured if I ever recommend a product, it will be free of all of these and meet my high ingredient standards.

Do always double check those labels though, because reformulations happen all the time.


So… I challenge you. 

Screenshot this list and go read some labels my friends.


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