Hey there I’m Candice, founder of Becoming Mom!

I wanted to share a small piece of my journey with you so you can get to know me a bit better.

If you haven’t noticed by now I talk a lot about journey’s. Why? Well…Life is a journey, a series of journeys really. My journey to motherhood was hard but looking back now I can see that it was God’s plan for me.

For it brought me here.

It was all part of the path He wanted me on. The path to be a part of the change and to spread seeds of knowledge, love, hope and support. I love helping women and families in all walks of life become healthier versions of themselves and find great joy in knowing the effects are reaching more than just them.

When I share my story, I’ve noticed I say the words AFTER struggling with infertility, but is it really after? I am and have forever been changed by every aspect of it. I feel that I love and view the world differently and the trials I faced changed the trajectory of my life.

I was on a mission to become a Mom and that journey, that struggle, that heartache, those changes is where this part of my journey began. 

It was hard, but God blessed all that I put my hands to and He was there every step of the way. He spoke to me through beautiful dreams and visions and called me to use my struggle for His purpose!

He filled me with a passion to educate and the desire to help and support other women and that is what led me to become a Clean Living Educator & Fertility Coach.



…If you have been there or are there, then you know. You know the rollercoaster each month, you know the desire from within, you know that you are meant to be a mother and you wonder if that day will ever come.

My journey started out like most… and after lots of time passing, we knew it was time to seek help. Seek help because we hadn’t gotten pregnant despite years of “not trying” and plenty of time “trying” as well.

We were told we had a very small chance to be able to get pregnant on our own and that hit really hard, but we waited and we continued to walk the journey. We endured lots of heartache through the trials as we waited to hear God’s voice. When we did, we took the next step and after going through several rounds of Clomid, we later moved on to   In Vitro Fertilization

This is the point in my journey where things began to change. 

After a failed round of IVF, we learned I had poor egg quality and I was told there wasn’t much that I could do. I wasn’t having that…. I set out on a mission to do everything in my power to improve our chances. I read a book and my eyes were opened to all the toxins I was living in and that day is the day my life changed forever.

That is the day my journey to cleaner living began.

I started a 3 month plan and made tons of changes. I  turned our world upside down and started taking steps towards living a cleaner lifestyle. I was so very lost and overwhelmed but I did my best and the more steps I took, the more I learned and the more passionate I became about my new found way of living. I also went on a diet specific to egg quality and started a supplement regimen as well. We went on to our second round of IVF and my fertilization rate went from 20% our first round to 75% our second round and we were blessed with our son.

Years went by and I turned the heartache, struggle, knowledge and the passion I had found, into my mission and began educating so that I could help others along their journeys. 

Along the way we wanted more children, so we went on to our 3rd round of IVF and after living a clean lifestyle for 3 years plus my diet and supplement regimen, my fertilization rate was 100% our 3rd round and honestly, we are still amazed. We were blessed with our twins and our family is now complete. That just goes to show that against the odds, there is so much we can do… and clean living is a huge part of that. 

 God has called me to share my struggle with infertility in great detail with an open heart in hopes that I can help other women who are struggling. There are so many special God moments along the way and as hard as it was to walk through, I wouldn’t change a thing because I wouldn’t be here today had I not walked that path.

I am in the beginning stages of publishing My Journey of Obedience through Faith and Infertility and I can’t wait to share it with you all but until then…

 Please know there is light at the end of the tunnel and infertility is not a life sentence. There is so much we can do to improve our fertility as we walk through the trials. I am proof that living a cleaner lifestyle amongst other things can greatly improve our chances of starting or growing our family. 

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